5 Common Tree Issues to Watch Out for Before Calling a Tree Surgeon in Derby

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5 Common Tree Issues to Watch Out for Before Calling a Tree Surgeon in Derby


Knowing what the issue is with your trees is always an advantage. That is likely why people are so interested in tree surgery and why there is a more considerable pull in demand for tree services than before. Arborists specialize in the care and maintenance of trees. They ensure that we have a clean and healthy environment. The Arborist is responsible for the health, safety, and beauty of the trees on public or private property. They perform inspections of trees to determine if they need pruning or professional tree removal. They also educate people on maintaining their trees and help them understand when to call an arborist for assistance. It is easy to tell whether your tree needs a tree surgeon. Many signs indicate the need for a professional to step in and take care of your tree. 

How to Tell Whether Your Tree Needs a Tree Surgeon

Trees are an essential part of our environment. They provide us with oxygen and help in the process of photosynthesis. Trees also help reduce air pollution and provide shade during hot summer days. However, trees can also be dangerous if they are not appropriately maintained. If left unchecked, trees can cause severe damage to property and lives. So how do you know when your tree needs a tree surgeon?

Many signs tell you that your tree needs some tree surgery:


1. Broken branches or large holes

The first sign is if you notice broken branches or large holes in the tree trunk. If you notice these things, it is essential to call a tree surgeon to come and inspect the tree. 


2. A diseased or dying tree

     Another sign of a diseased or dying tree is when you see dead leaves on the ground that are brown, yellow, or faded in color. These leaves are usually dry and can be easily crumbled between your fingers. If there are no dead leaves on the ground, but many small branches have fallen off, then this could also indicate that something is wrong with your tree, and it needs professional help immediately.


  1. Unproductive Fruit Trees

If you have fruit-bearing trees in your garden, such as plum or apple trees, their failure to bear fruit may indicate something is wrong. Trees typically flower and produce fruit just once a year; therefore, if the tree doesn’t, it may not be healthy. Problems can arise if the soil’s PH balance is off or if the roots don’t have enough access to nutrients. Another issue can be that the soil is too dry, which is readily fixed by watering it frequently. This process is crucial when considering your fruit tree’s health.


  1. Branches and bark flaking off

Several things can cause branches and bark to flake off; some are minor, while others need to be addressed more seriously. Dry branches might result from little rainfall and exposure to the sun’s glaring beams. In that instance, water the tree frequently throughout the day to make the bark smoother. Otherwise, nutritional inadequacy may be to blame, necessitating monitoring and maintaining the correct PH levels in the soil, possibly even adding fertilizer. After that, you should keep an eye on the tree’s status for a few weeks to determine if it has improved.


  1. An unevenness of the tree

An unevenness of the tree is a clue that there is an issue with the soil or its roots. It will show that the tree’s roots are not sufficiently positioned to support it and that the soil lacks the necessary nutrients. Flooding or excessive rain can also cause subsidence because too much water seeps into the ground and prevents the tree’s weight from being adequately supported. If this occurs, you should take the appropriate safety measures or get in touch with a tree surgeon.


You will become familiar enough with your tree to recognize any problematic roots by feeding and watering it correctly and doing everything possible to improve the soil’s health. Contact a qualified arborist like Tree Surgeons Derby for guidance and professional tree services if you have spotted issues with your trees that could lead to significant harm or problems. It’s crucial to pay close attention to the needs of your trees. As soon as possible, get in touch with a tree surgeon if you see something odd or hazardous. Nothing is more crucial than maintaining your safety and the health of your trees!

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